Harris County’s Denise James Interviewed by Nick Russo on 100.3 The Bull


Denise James was recently interviewed by Nick Russo, a popular DJ on the country radio station 100.3 The Bull about the Project Recovery Harvey program. The interview was broadcast on five radio stations including 100.3 The Bull, Mix 96.5, Sports Radio 610, 95.7 The Spot, and CBS Radio 650.

Denise laid out the fact that Harris County recently received funds from the Federal Government and is ready to get that assistance to those who need it. She then let listeners know about the forms of assistance available including the possibility of reconstruction for homes that were substantially damaged by building families a brand-new home. Nick reminded listeners that assistance is available but people must apply in order to see if they qualify.

Nick posted a video of his interview with Denise James on his Twitter page that garnered over 1,000 views. Thank you to Nick Russo for asking important questions and making listeners aware of the help available to Harris County homeowners. This interview helps a lot more people in need know about the assistance for which they may qualify.

Listen to Nick Russo’s interview with Denise by clicking the link below: https://sportsradio610.radio.com/blogs/eye-houston/harris-county-project-recovery

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