Precinct 3 Community Roundtable


Community leaders were on hand for the first in a series of community roundtables held across Harris County to equip them with resources to share information about Project Recovery Harvey with the folks they serve. We asked for their input about what neighborhoods they know were impacted.

The inaugural community roundtable was held in Precinct 3 at the Glazier Senior Center in Bear Creek. The Bear Creek area was heavily impacted by flooding as a result of its vicinity to the Addicks and Barker Reservoirs.

Attendees learned all about the different programs available like the Homeowner Assistance Program, the Homeowner Reimbursement Program, and others.  Attendees were invited to the upcoming Project Recovery Harvey countywide launch coming up on April 13th at the Barrett Station Community Center.

Representatives included faith leaders, offices of elected officials, disaster recovery nonprofits, HOA leaders, and property management organizations. During the roundtable, attendees signed on to partner in spreading the word to the community. They shared upcoming community events with us where we plan to have a presence.

Everyone in attendance received a USB with social media resources, e-flyers, event request forms, and language to include in their newsletters. The community leaders in attendance gave their input on how best to share information and asked questions about the program.

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