Important Note:  The Project Recovery Buyout Program is different from the Harris County Flood Control Buyout Program.  The Project Recovery Program offers additional incentives to specific residents in pre-identified geographic areas.  Not everyone who qualifies for the Harris County Flood Control buyout program qualifies for this program.  However, anyone who qualifies for The Project Recovery Buyout Program may qualify for either program. Click here to view a map of the Project Recovery Buyout Areas only

Why sell your Home to Harris County Project Recovery? 

Before you consider other offers, or not selling at all, do yourself the favor of looking into The Harris County Project Recovery Buyout Program.

What if you can receive a price for your home at its most recent pre-Harvey value with the added incentives of moving expenses, equity incentives, rehab incentives (on your replacement home, if needed) and much more in  other possible assistance toward replacing your home outside of the flood plain? 

This not only could benefit you personally. But it could benefit the community by helping prevent future flooding and prevent the possibility of any future tenant from flooding in the same home if you sell to an investor who rents the home to another family. 

Below is the process to apply:    

Step 1:   Fill out a Harris County Project Recovery Pre-Application  HERE.

Step 2:  Complete Harris County Flood Control Survey HERE.

View Additional Program Details Below 

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